This tool uses the Chinese-Postman algorithm to calculate the shortest possible route that goes down every street in the area you select. Try it, it's free!

Step 1

What address would you like your route to start at?

Step 2

Draw the suburb or area you want your Burb route to traverse. All roads enclosed in this polygon will be included in your Burb. In the next step, you can remove any roads or paths before we generate your route.


What is burbing?


The act of cycling, running or walking down every single road in a suburb or other defined area

Why burbing?

Call burbing what you want: a fun way to discover all that exists in your neighborhood, a triumphant adventure, or just a stupid waste of time. Burbing emerged during the coronavirus pandemic as a way to traverse long distances while staying close to home. Kudos to Cameron James for coining the term.

Who made this site?

I'm Riley, a teenage runner and cyclist from upstate New York. During quarantine, I wrote a program for myself to find the fastest route down every street in my village. Later, I found out about burbing, and decided to make a website so that others can make their own route.

This tool currently doesn't account for one-way roads. We advise you not to use this tool if you are in an area with many one-way roads and are going to bike.